Personal Coaching

With a total review of your life blueprint, The Spirit Advisor empowers you to reclaim your personal mythology in a practical, step by step format. By learning how to make decisions as your unique self, you begin to invite the life you were meant to live, complete with love, satisfaction, success, health, and happiness. We can even go as deep  ‘under the hood’ as to understand the deepest aspects of your biology; in what environment you’re designed to thrive, how you’re meant to eat, and what your true, unique motivation and perspective are designed to focus on to continually propel you towards your purpose. 

Relationship Coaching

There’s always more than meets the eye to connection. The energies we share are intense and varied; attraction, then repulsion. Stimulation and amplification, trust and doubt…can all leave your head spinning and your heart in despair. But better understanding is all it takes – how they move, and why? What space do you need to be in to sustain the partnership? How do you seamlessly connect, and where it’s important to acknowledge and accept compromise and learning. Its a divine union of strategy and spirit.

Business Coaching

What if the core strengths of your team could be laid out as plainly as the schematics of a well-oiled machine?

The Spirit Advisor for Business transcends psychological personality testing, which presents a huge margin of error due to the individuals subjective perspective, and takes team building into the realm of objective mechanical truth.  Who belongs in sales? Who will have an impact on important clients? And who will shine behind the scenes administrating the operation from a bird’s eye view?

With the Spirit Advisor for Business, we leave the realm of what we think we should do, and enter the realm of the possibility of doing what we’re truly designed for. The result is enhanced efficiency, comradery, and satisfaction both on the side of the employee and the employer. And of course, the bottom line.

In business consultations Dylan also sheds a new light into the psychological aspects that shape trends in the collective consciousness – and as we peel back the layers of motivation influencing global markets, we have an unprecedented edge on what will work, what will be in demand, and how to go about reaching our ideal demographics in innovative and effective ways.