Human Design

A Revolutionary Key In self Mastery

Human Design allows us to see ourselves and our life in a whole new context – one that clarifies and upgrades the journey of awareness in form. We are all differentiated beings – and that is apparent – but what’s underneath the hood? The Human Design bodygraph reveals precisely the divine imprint that shaped your arrival onto this planet, and provides, in mechanical absolutes rather than belief-based ideology, a personalized guide to navigating life – as yourself. This is more than just another way to characterize and identify the intricacies of our beingness – it is a key to transcending them (and all other mind games and ego traps).¬† By surrendering to our Design, we release the resistance that the mind’s insistence on dominance brings to our process, and become the witness of the flowering of our unique, differentiated consciousness. Ready for a game changer? Expect nothing less than a complete reorientation on how to live and thrive in this world – leaving behind all homogenized contexts and skyrocketing into the trajectory you intended for yourself before you came here.

We’re built for consciousness – that is the gift of the age we are living in. But left to the conditioning that still lingers from our strategic past, we become obsessed with homogenized ideals that strip us of our right to become uniquely who we are without threat to our survival. We micromanage our lives and live in unnaturally¬†high levels of stress and fear – which distorts our bodies, minds, and our potential to feel truly alive and connected to this world. A human design reading will push the reset button on who you think you are…will you take the blue pill or the red pill?

An initiation via Human Design means catalyzing changes on a cellular level so that the core blueprint of you – with all its magic, flow, and genius, can rise to the surface. This is not an overnight process, but rather a commitment to growth and awareness that steadily gains momentum until finally you take the hands off the wheel of your life and embrace Passenger Consciousness. This is the modern state of living as an ‘enlightened’ being yet being perfectly at peace with the ups and downs of life. We take a back seat and let the vehicle drive itself -as this is the potential for all awakened human beings in the window of time in which we live. Decisions are no longer the domain of the mental plain, and we liberate our conscious awareness to do its thing – share its unique perspective of its unique path.

In an In-Depth Human Design reading (requires accurate birth time) we will initiate you to the four transformations – Diet, Environment, Perspective, and Awareness. Think of this as a total recalibration of all of your physical and energetic systems so that they can function as nature intended.

The best part is – each of these revelations come not from the doctrine or ideology of some philosopher or prophet of ages past – but from the pure, UNIQUE truth of the body you are living in right now.