A Divine union of strategy and spirit

Each one of us contains a unique frequency that, as its birthright, is privy to a life of beauty and truth on this planet. This does not mean an easy, simple life, it means a never-before-seen mythology that is uniquely your own. You are your purpose for being; and through knowing and embracing that purpose, we experience success, satisfaction, peace, and happiness. The Spirit Advisor is here to uniquely inspire you to pursue your own individual purpose. To shed the conditioning and programming handed to us from birth, and to focus in on who you truly are, how you’re designed to uniquely live and move through this world, and what you’re here to do. We are no longer in the Piscean Age of accepting doctrine and postponing our enlightenment in favor of hive mind solutions. We are the first responders of the Aquarian age, who by necessity bring change and evolution to this planet through our own sacred gifts, not the doctrines and dogmas of times bygone. This world will awaken one person at a time. Now, its your turn.