Projectors: An Invitation to Success

Projectors: An Invitation to Success

Projectors…you’re designed to be at the top of the food chain! But you’re not meant to fight or even work your way to the top. So how do you embody the potential success of your type in this competitive modern era, while still honoring your distinct differences?

Step 1: Let your aura do the talking.

You’ve incarnated with the blueprints for the New Earth hardwired into your DNA, and you’re here to install these new codes one person at a time – providing specifically targeted activation and guidance to the people that are naturally drawn to your unique presence. This means that the more you stay in your lane, owning and LOVING the proclivities that make you who you are, the more brightly obvious you are to the people who need what you have to offer.

Being one of a 20% minority on planet Earth, your aura stands out! It has a subtly different, attractive quality. Your very special aura has an innate capacity to penetrate deep into the heart of other people, and receive a snapshot of their being – their ENTIRE being. You know more than you know you know about the other as soon as you meet them!

Step 2: Allow Yourself to Be Focused

To be a projector is to have an aura that is focused, penetrating, and absorbing. Your aura is here to focus on one thing or person at a time. Respecting this core mechanic and dropping the need to spread your focus too thin can bring a lot of clarity fast!

Step 3: Give yourself permission to not have to ‘keep up’ with other Types

You’re here to rise to the top of infrastructures and organizations to provide a new kind of leadership – one that places an emphasis on the individual and their inherent strengths, NOT on the cutthroat, competitive survival-of-the-fittest model of humanity’s hierarchical past. You’re here to bring efficiency to every process you engage in and just by living life as yourself you bring a wave of small shifts that collectively will make the way we do business (and life!) more sustainable and more human.

There’s one catch though – you’re not here to provide the fuel for this journey to the top. That’s because unlike most people – your energetic architecture doesn’t include a consistent generative or regenerative process. This means it’s simply not your job to be the energy behind projects and initiatives; you’re simply NOT here to work like the vast majority of humanity!

Step 4: Wait for the Invitation

You’re here to be RECOGNIZED for how you guide OTHERS to success! Through your innate ability to recognize their unique gifts and qualities, as well as hold the larger vision or goal for an outcome, you are able to guide your team to the highest use of their energy. What is the highest use of one’s energy? That which creates the deepest sense of personal satisfaction! (because it is in alignment with that person’s truest nature and organically offers a collective contribution.)

What you’re recognized for opens the door to opportunities for you to then be INVITED to share your vision and gifts; to be given free rein to conduct the vital energy and skills of others energy to a higher octave of success. You are at your best when you are coordinating, delegating, and guiding based on your innate talents and the systems that you’ve focused on and mastered (because they’re intrinsically activating to you).

When properly plugged in, you have the power to guide, reflect, generate, AND manifest through the energy of others. While waiting for the invitation you may feel energetically like a sitting duck, but once you’re fully IN the invitation to life, you have the most potential power and reach of any type!

Step 5: Sacred Self Care

The greatest gift you can give yourself this lifetime, in addition to uncompromisingly living out your true nature, is the time and space to completely UNPLUG when you need to. Being sensitive to your own aura, and learning to be honest with yourself about when enough is enough is of prime importance to maintaining mental, physical, and emotional health. Time alone is necessary! Time and space AWAY from energetic contact with anyone, even children and spouses, lets you reset so that you can re-enter the world clear of the energy, thoughts, and emotions of others. Remember, you’re an absorptive being! While this gives you access to the tremendous insight and focus that makes you who you are, you can also be prone to taking on too much energy and manifesting crises that force you to get grounded in yourself again. Projectors can become addicted to the buzz of the energy of life, but if they remain ON for too long, they can suffer the dire consequences of burnout. As a healthy projector, exhaustion is simply not an option and is in no way correct for your type.

Your signature is SUCCESS, but this type of success is deeply tied to SURRENDER. You’re here to taste the sweetness of life! To get there though, you must be a fiercely loving advocate for your revolutionary design. This means holding true to the boundaries that protect your energy and prevent you from caving to the pressure to be what you ARE NOT. By honoring who you are and the possibilities you recognize, you’re a pivotal force of awareness and transformation for us all!

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  1. Brooke says:

    Thank you for sharing your resources and knowledge. I found this very insightful. Would you be able to recommend where and how to begin learning about Human Design?

    • Dylan says:

      Hi Brooke!

      Thank you so much for the feedback! A Human Design reading is always a great place to start – so you can begin the process of learning through your very own design! Im also developing some new tools for people to be able to self-study, and Ill keep you in the loop as to when those arrive. Thank you!

  2. Franziska says:

    I loved reading your definition of a Projector. Very insightful and helpful in understanding my energy and it is shedding light on a bunch of things that have and are happening in my life!
    Thank you!
    I also found your interview on YouTube with the LeoKing about Human Design super interesting.
    I ordered my detailed Human Design Report a few years ago but drifted away from it and forgot —- until tonight.
    You have re-sparked my interest and I will drive right back into it.

    Thank you Dylan! I am very impressed with you great in-depth knowledge and understanding of Human Design.


    • Dylan says:

      Thank you so much Franziska! This information can really change your life, especially as a projector! Subtle shifts can make huge differences. Wishing you the best! Dylan

  3. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m glad
    that you simply shared this useful information with us.
    Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Rebeca says:

    Just came across this amazing tool for guidance on my path to discover my truest way of being in an astrology group, checked it out then heard you say “Human Design” on Leo Kings recent interview. Talk about following the crumbs to your destiny! I do most of my learning by
    self study resources. I’d love any/all kinds of tools that you can provide to begin this journey. My Mars Moon Saturn in scorpio right now is feeling hella vibes. Hope all is falling into perfect alignment for you.

  5. Thank you for this! Thank you for seeing me. 🙂

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