Libra August 2018 now Live!

Libra August 2018 now Live!

Libras! You’re getting opportunities to ascend but is it worth it to leave the comfort of being you? Youve worked long and hard and now its time to enjoy Venus’ transit through your first house giving you all the love and beauty feels throughout August. Big questions will arrive this month, especially as we move through the eclipse on the 11th. Where will you go next? And what will you emphasize this time around in your life, fulfilling the role only you can at the expense of your identity, or embracing a whole new way of self-love and self-care? Leave a comment to let me know!

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  1. AJ says:

    Came across this spontaneously and its just perfect timing as its exactly what I needed to hear to feel alive and hope in my heart again … thank you Dylan I am just feeling really grateful right now as so unexpected to listen to this and spun out how so helpful it was for me to of hear this right now.

    • Dylan says:

      That is so wonderful! It really feels me up to know that my work is of service to people, especially when they find it unexpectedly. Wishing you the best, love!

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