Welcome to the Age of the Individual

This Is A Doorway

You are the change you seek


When we embrace our inherent truth, and love ourselves for who and what we truly are, alignment is natural. Through alignment, all that we want and need in life is provided – resistance free.


We’ve been conditioned for milennia to seek the answers to life in others and outside of ourselves. One of the most radical shifts taking place in this time is people awakening to the fact that the truest truths are already a part of our being – we only need to be introduced to how to access them.


When we know ourselves, we can differentiate between what we truly are and what we are not. The result is being empowered to grant ourselves radical permission:  to walk in our truth, and to say goodbye to all that is not, regardless of external expectations. 



Coaching designed to give you access to the unique answers already coded into your being that empower you to live a life that is perfectly unique and totally your own.


What To Expect

As we make a shift in consciousness, we allow our vehicle to shift us into a greater coherence and connection with life itself. The result is a radical departure from the resistance we’ve come to expect from life, and an initiation into new depths of ease, abundance, success and wellbeing. 


When we are one with ourselves, we are one with all. Ease is simply the absence of resistance. Say hello!


Health, Happiness, Success and Peace – these are all results  of being in tune with one’s self – Human Design provides you the blueprint. 


When the fundamental nature of our being is able to be confirmed by our mind – we begin to relax. This release of tension frees the mind to greater seeing – resulting in an ever-deepening clarity on life.


When we’re living from the perspective of uniqueness, what was once a deep issue or a character flaw – what was before judged by the mind as wrong – is suddenly reframed as simply a part of who we are.


When you own yourself, your being, and your unique truth – the Yes’s are so much clearer and the No’s are not personal – we’re all given unconditional freedom to be.


Struggle becomes a thing of the past when we’re working in concert with not only our natural cycles and rhythms but seamlessly with the greater cycles of the universe.

About the spirit advisor

The Ethos and Values Behind a Global Shift

We  have eight years to prepare our bodies, minds and spirits for a new Earth.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

What an incredible experience! Dylan showed me the literal map of my SELF, and I looked into the most authentic and ego-less reflection possible. His reading confirmed so many things I knew about myself (good and less good), and showed me that my flaws are okay, leaving me with a guide on how to improve within my design and how to use my skills more effectively. By objectively looking at myself on a chart like this, I could find the beauty in the structure, and in that, found a deeper appreciation for my quirks. I saw how I can develop and evolve into the exact person I want to be… Is your mind blown yet? Dylan is intelligent, confident, and intuitive. Through his understanding of Human Design, he has this gorgeous ability to touch the lives of people in ways they didn’t realize possible. GO SEE HIM! You will not regret it.

Ren D’Anelli


Dyl is a super Spirit Advisor — intuitively very connected, receives deep information, is a great communicator, and knows his tools quite well. I’ve had several readings with him and they’ve all been accurate and most helpful to shift the energy to the correct place. Often he receives profound insight and delivers it in a way that can be received best. You won’t be disappointed if you work with him.

Nancy Anderson

Energy Helaer/Guide

I’ve been getting tarot readings from this man for over six years, and human design readings for the past… three or so? I WILL NOT GO TO ANYONE ELSE.

I’ll be honest, I can be a bit of a skeptic when it comes to psychics and whatnot, but Dylan is completely different. Spiritual guru meets life coach meets… something else that I can’t put my finger on.

He has helped me time and time again to pinpoint the source of tension in my life and organize a solution. Simply looking at a dilemma, be it heartache, trouble at work, or family drama, from the fresh perspective of one of his tarot decks has gotten me through some really tough years.

More and more people are learning about human design these days and I’m privileged to have gotten my chart and regular analysis from Dylan not long after he went through training. As a fairly logical person, it’s amazing to observe the almost scientific equations of self. If you haven’t gotten a reading yet, it will blow your mind how spot on this stuff is. Because it’s legit.

Dylan is affordable for the amount of insight you receive, he is extremely flexible around your schedule, and he’s damn good. I have bought readings for my family and friends for holidays and birthdays and I know that several of those people have become regular customers. Trust your gut and give him a call.

Ash Killen


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